2 extreme people = similar conclusions

the last i heard,
it wasnt okay to shake my hand,
but okay to shake other girls’. 
oh, it was okay to hug too.

the last i heard,
you got upset over a photo of me and a friend
lying next to each other with no physical contact.
but it was okay for you to put up 2 photos i shouldnt explain,
and 2 other of you and her lying next to each other.
physical contact? no need to say.
see, i told you youre confused.

the last i heard of all these
was from 2 different people
of the extreme opposite.

somehow, situations just simply
made them similar.
i wonder why.

oh, and i didnt know using the word
“clubbing” jatuhkan my maruah
and “fucking cheebai” is not an insult.

wow. so many things learnt.

btw, i still think guys are the same
ABCs whether or not he prays.
**somehow this doesnt apply
to any YCP guys (dun drop my waterface k)
**definitely doesnt apply to Saifuddin Salleh(:

unless proven otherwise(:



a new character.

Meet Sandy.
Works for Johnny.
Vanessa’s bestfriend.
But, thinks she’s way better than Van.
Dont worry, she’s not.
She thinks she is.

Her job? Waitress at Venus.
Sometimes have to give extra services
to special clients for extra income.
But she rejects some cos standard too low.
And pushes the rejected ones to her bestfriend.
Like trash(:

So, this is Sandy,  afew years ago.



in total contrast to the previous posts,
i forgot to wish my dear readers


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awakened by thoughts

its funny how easily it is for someone
to treat you a different way once a single mistake is made..
doubts emerge.. questions arise when actions are followed up..
is that person sincere? or not?

its like a piece of glass..
first scratched.. then cracked..
then broken..
there’s no way for it to be fixed perfectly without
seeing the crack lines..

its funny how one person may tarnish the image
of others just by a mistake too..
for example, inn here, the recent posts has been about guys..
one mistake from one guy, may affect the image of other guys..
it may cause the thing of whether or not he’s trustworthy..
or sincere.. or not at all..

but trust, isnt just about guys..
us, girls too…
just anyone.

just one lie, trust is broken..
next things said, the other party will hesitate to trust/believe.

now, how do i know i can trust..?
how long must i know you to trust you?
my aunt, even knowing the guy for 8 yrs,
he broke her trust…
so, 8 yrs not long enough?

him, i trusted him not to hurt me..
but he did in many different ways he never knew,
or chose not to notice..
even if i said i was hurt, what can he do right?
cos to him, he’s not hurting me..
so, its okay for him not to care that im hurt right.
im just a girlfriend… as far as i know, im no diff
from his other girl friends rite?
so why should i bother..

the fuck i bothered.
because he was my fucking boyfriend.
someone i trusted, i leaned on, i seek for support..
and what did i get? a shove.. a push..
and where did the reassurance go?
oh, i think it evaporated..

everytime i look a new friend,
i’ll start to think.. is he/she telling the truth?
but i wont be able to tell whether he/she is not lying..
why? just because of one person…
just one person, can spoil another person’s ability to trust again.

tell me how do i know when to trust people?
is he or she worth my trust?

and tell me why..
why should i even trust you?

more setans

in case you non-malays don’t know,
setan is a malay word for devil..
sinful creatures you know…
but who am i to talk about sins.. unless
you provoke me lahh..
im just talking about the GUYS i refer to, as setan..

and you see, the issue of guys cheating on a girl
behind her back is increasing..
one example is the post before this..
that no good of an asshole i fell for..
another good example is, my aunt’s ex-fiance.

they have known each other for 8 bloody years
before they actually got engaged…
supposedly engaged for 2 yrs…
after 1 yr… caught having a relationship with sum1 else.
BABI. this is what i call GELOJOH nak mampos..

and the other example is.. my fren..
she had one asshole after another…
one was a long relationship of about 6years..
caught red-handed popping that other bitch’s cherry
at his place.. jantan setan betol..
den the other one.. almost went into engagement..
but she found out he had someone else too..
gatal nak mampos..
and this is what i call “konek dah gatal”
im sorry for using such words but seriously.. they are shit.

thats why i say…
if you guys want a girl for play, go geylang lah cibai.
if that girl is serious about you, and ure not ready, just tell her straight in the face
that you just want someone to fuck..
i swear when you say that, we back off lah sia..
we wont want you if thats what you want..
so dont fucking worry about us getting hurt and all..
yes, we get hurt, but ure not worth a single second of our time okay..

just so you know, im not putting any guy down..
im not aiming at any particular person i know..
im just talking about these guys mentioned, who only lives life
for sex..
but if you terase, sorry, but not everything is about you..

and i can also say there are good and nice guys around..
but guess what, most are either attached, engaged, married
or too busy thinking about girls..
some, are just to shyy..
and i am not blaming any of them..
thank you for reading…


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